Welcome students,

 We are very thankful that you are taking the time to do this exercise. The short time it takes you to complete these activities will provide valuable information that will help to improve the way we read online.

Many people read online regularly but the way the text is formatted for the screen doesn’t always make it an easy or enjoyable reading experience. The results of this survey will help to form some guidelines for formatting online text in the future.

Watch the Survey Demo

This survey has two parts.

Part 1 is a reading challenge. You will try to find answers to eight questions. There are two questions for each reading: one from the text section, and one from the notes sections.

Part 2 is a design survey. Please share with us what designs you liked and disliked. Each reading design is different. Also, we want to know what font size you preferred. You can read in the following sizes.

Please choose the font you like the best.

Please do the following:

  1. Open the survey below.
  2. Do Part 1. Try to answer the eight questions about the four readings.
  3. Do Part 2. Tell us the design and font size you like the most.

Begin the Quiz and Survey

Reading 1: Bad Boys

Design Type: Scroll Down
Reading 2: Presidential Fitness

Design Type: Dropdown / Accordian
Reading 3: TV and Depression

Design Type: Tabs / Panels
Reading 4: Super Stores - 7-11

Design Type: iFrames

This survey will help teaches learn how students like to read online and will help them create reading activities that make test practice easy to read.

Thanks you for your cooperation!